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          More than Meets the Eye

          From design to distribution, HBP has a full range of solutions to bring your vision to life.

          Ellipse Design Ellipse Design Creative Services

          Commercial Print Commercial Print & Finishing

          Signage Signage & Displays

          Direct Mail Direct Mail

          Fullfillment Fulfillment & Distribution

          Promotional Porducts Promotional Products

          Who We Serve

          Whatever industry, market or audience you promote, HBP is here to make your life easier. HBP’s scalable solutions are designed to support organizations like yours. We serve our regional marketplace while also providing solutions on a national scale to organizations with needs outside our region.


          Tools & Tips Guide

          request your FREE copy!

          A valuable resource that includes...

          Folding Guide

          File Prep Tips

          Proofreader Marks

          Binding Options

          Envelope Guide

          Direct Mail Reference

          YES!  I need this!!

          Tools and Tips

          HBP’s new UV press is ready for your next project!

          Meet our new 8-color Komori LS 840P, printing with UV inks. Why do UV inks matter to you?

          HBPs New Press
          • Ink colors are vibrant on both coated and uncoated sheets, with less ink absorption when printing on uncoated stock.
          • Significant improvement in production throughput, providing better turnaround times for longer run 4cp requirements.
          • Press sheets are dry and ready for bindery without coatings previously used for drying purposes only.

          Contact HBP today to view sample sheets and learn more about our specialty UV coating options.